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Kari’s Law

Are you a business owner? Is your business equipped with a PBX or MLTS phone system? Hospitals, schools, small and large companies (non-profit and for profit) must be compliant with Kari’s Law.

Kari’s Law Became Effective September 1, 2016

Owners of multiple- line systems (MLTS) are required to ensure their phone systems are capable of dialing 9-1-1 without “9” or another number for an outside line. If the existing MLTS cannot be re-programmed or replaced to meet the direct access requirements, a one-year waiver form must be submitted prior to September 1 of each year.

Contact your MLTS provider to learn if your phone system is compliant or if a waver is needed. Most new phones systems just need to be programmed (NOT replaced), cost if any should be minimal.

For more information on requirements or to request a waiver, visit texas911.org/KarisLaw