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Address Request

The McLennan County 9-1-1 District provides physical addresses for structures within the unincorporated areas of McLennan County. To request an address please contact our office at (254) 776-8911.  Please have the following information when requesting a physical address.

New structures include homes, businesses, mobile homes and barns.

  1. Determine where the driveway will be located.
  2. Emergency vehicles will enter your property via the driveway.
  3. Know the name of the road/street that your driveway will intersect.
  4. Mark the new driveway with two tall stakes, one on each side of the proposed drive. Driveways are generally 15-20′ wide.
  5. Tie two plastic sacks on stakes to make your drive easier to find.
  6. If possible, have landmarks and neighbor’s addresses available when you call the District office (254) 776-8911.
  7. The District will drive out and measure your new address after you notify the office that your driveway is staked.
  8. When it is plotted on the computer, the District will call you with the new physical address.
  9. Please allow 5-7 business days for new physical addresses.
  10. NOTE: Prior to the District driving out to your property to measure/compute your address, the driveway must be staked. If not, you will need to do so and call the District office again. Driveways not staked will be charged $20 in advance for a repeat measurement trip.

Existing structures include driveways and any type building on a property.

  1. The District has a conversion list of old route and box numbers. If your property has a route/box address, please call with the street name and zip code along with the old route and box number. Some properties have already been addressed.
  2. If your property has an existing driveway, there might be an address previously assigned to that particular drive.
  3. If possible, have landmarks and neighbor’s addresses available when you call.

For those addresses not correlated with the District’s database, directions for New Structures will be followed.